Debt – The Leading Problem in the World of Relocation

Truck for movingTen years ago, I met my ideal partner online. I come from Manila on the Philippines and my man lived in the US. That’s a long way to hold a relationship across so I did the only thing I could think of to do – I moved.

I upped sticks and left for shores that were relatively unknown to me at the time and, yes, I did marry him and we’re still together now. I love the States, it is a beautiful country but it’s hard.

Bigger and Better?

Everything is so much bigger here than back in Manila and that includes the problem of debt.  I personally never fell into the trap of credit cards and bank loans but I know many of my fellow countrymen who have and it’s a sad sight to see.

It’s harder for a foreigner to get a good job and they often end up taking on menial jobs. Ok, I know you have to get a foot in the door and prove yourself but, for many, this doesn’t happen.  They find themselves in a position they can’t get out of, with not enough cash coming in to cover the essentials in life, let alone any left over for luxuries.

The Growing Problem of Debt

To be honest, there are many Filipinos living here in the States who are in more debt now than they ever were back home.  It’s all too easy in the US to get a credit card. And, once you have one, well, you might as well have a few more, just for emergencies you know.

Plus, being able to choose form a number of cards makes you look and feel rich. Its only when all the bills start coming in that things start to get difficult. I have watched so many people borrow from one card to pay off another.

I’ve seen too many people buying things they don’t really need just because they can. I’ve also seen people getting themselves into large amounts of debt just to survive, to keep their heads above water.

Money Doesn’t Make the World Go Round

I’m sorry to say that some of these people don’t realise that it takes more than money to survive in a place like the States. It takes education; it takes perseverance and determination. It takes a good deal of hard work but it does pay off in the end.

It’s my opinion that it should be made much harder for people to obtain credit. I know that means some people will fail and will end up going home but it really is the survival of the fittest here, not the one with the most amount of debt!


Treats of Massachusetts that Make It Homely

MassachusettsWith the passage of time, I have figured that one can call any place their home provided there is love and compassion. Finding my love across a continent, there is not a moment with Mr. Right that I regret moving away from my dear home. However, there were times too when my husband used to be busy with work and I was stuck in an alien city not knowing what to do feeling extremely lonely.

Back in those days, there were a few places that I visited and connected with. Those places still have a comforting element about them, and now even after almost a decade when I need some me-time or comforting I turn towards these spots and activities.

Boston Cream Pie Treat

Back in Manila, there were nice desserts for those with a sweet tooth. But here, Boston Cream Pie simply rules my heart. Although I do bake, and mostly this one’s on my menu but the original one is divine and cannot be replaced by anyone. The light fluffy layers of vanilla cake separated by vanilla custard and topped with mouth watering chocolate glaze, this pie without a crust is famous across the States. The treat always lifts my mood up, and even gives nostalgic attacks of days when I had moved here and my American sweetheart husband had introduced me to it.

Iceskating Love

In Manila I had never experienced how to do ice skating. It was our honeymoon period, and I still remember how I kept falling and he kept lifting me up with endless laughter and giggles between us. Massachusetts has multiple spots for ice skating and it is one of the best activities that can be done here. It is refreshing, and the decorations make it look all the more vibrant and popping with energy.

Cycling Through Old Sturbridge Village

What I miss about Manila is the down to earth lifestyle and friendly surroundings. My new city is friendly too, but the spirit that I was looking for was finally found at the Old Sturbridge Village. I recommend all Asians to visit this place, I used to cycle to this village and kept roaming under the sun soaking up as much as possible. Now, I prefer taking the kids along on the cycle and enjoy the same homely feeling in the village with beautiful sights to see.

5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Move to Another Country

Airplane in the sky at sunsetIf you’re mulling over the decision to move to another country for good, you ought to realize that this is a life-changing choice you should carefully think over based on your priorities and values. In my case, love and having a family of my own won over the other factors I considered. But marriage is not always the reason why you would have to migrate to another country.

Below are the 5 questions you need to ask before making a final decision:

  • Why am I moving to another country?

The main reason that you’re considering this move is one of the most important elements you need to determine and probe into. If you believe that it’s the chance of a lifetime for your career because you’ve been offered your dream job with amazing compensation, then it may be an easier decision to make provided you’re not leaving any children behind. But what if you are? Then this is where priorities and values take over. This is the time to consider possible options while balancing pros and cons.

  • Is there no other alternative?

My major reason was to live in my husband’s world as he is successful where he is and there are more advantages to us living in the United States rather than in the Philippines. I had no other alternative if I had already chosen to spend the rest of my life with this American.

But for others, there may be other alternatives. Make sure to keep your mind and heart open. Analyze each alternative carefully.

  • Do the benefits outweigh the setbacks?

Make a list of the benefits and the setbacks of moving to another country. Yes, you have to see them in print so they can give you a clearer picture. It will help you look into your actual aspirations, fears and doubts, and priorities. If at the end of this exercise, you’re able to point out more benefits and will not leave with a heavy heart, then go for it.

  • Will I be able to adapt to the culture and lifestyle?

Of course it’s also essential to research on the culture of the country and the lifestyle you’ll have to adapt to. Will you be able to pursue your interests here? What kind of adjustments will you need to make to fit into this new world, given your own set of beliefs, attitudes, and traditions? If you can choose a country that is closer to what you’re used to, then that would be better.

  • How often can I visit my native country?

If you’re leaving behind loved ones such as your family, you need to consider this question. If the country you’re transferring to is just near and it would be a lot easier to visit from time to time, then you can add this to your list of advantages or benefits. But if it’s far and you know you probably won’t be able to come back for years, then you’ve got a lot of contemplating to do before deciding.

I do hope you’ll make the right decision, just like I did! Remember, though, that it’s not the same for everyone. Nevertheless, you’ll also have to take note that most of the time, you won’t really know what will happen unless you give it a shot.